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St. Richard Green STEM Catholic School

Students at this STEM-focused school (Science, Engineering, Technology & Math) in Edmonton, Alberta, were invited to participate in designing their own inclusive adventure playground. The goal was to create an engaging, nature-inspired playground where diverse ages, stages and abilities could play together. Many of the ideas the students came up with were worked into the final design.

This multi-faceted, nature-themed playground has a fun, tree-fort feel and features a tower with challenging climbers and higher slides along an extensive upper-body and balancing circuit. Wood-look slats and countless nature-themed details give the whole playground a woodsy look and feel. Various types of accessible, ground-level activities are incorporated into the site, including our inclusive We-Spin, U-Swing and mutliple interactive panels, finger puzzles, sensory play and calming activities.

The end result is something that all students can take pride in and enjoy!

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