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Bring back fun with the Merry-Go-Round! The classic playground spinner suits a wide range of ages, stages and abilities. Users can stand, sit or crouch while gripping the handrails for support. play area older children inclusive play.

The Merry-Go-Round is a classic piece of play equipment that encourages fun and social interaction while contributing to the development of essential motor skills. From local parks to school playgrounds, our Merry Go Rounds for sale provide endless delight for children of all ages.

Model Number
Area Required
8.0m x 8.0m (26' x 26')
Age Range
5 - 12 yrs
Inclusive Design
designed to accommodate wide range of ages and stages, ground level activity
Type of Play
cooperative group play, physical, sensory
Accessibility/Annex H
accessible with appropriate surfacing, designed to facilitate easy transfer from wheelchair
Motor Skills
balance, core strength, grip strength
proprioception, vestibular
powder-coated steel, vinyl-coated steel
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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